Don't eat more than 35 Net Carbs PER DAY and you will lose weight!
Below we give you the net carb count for common foods. Add up the net carbs you eat each day.

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If you exceed the portion size given, multiply the net carbs accordingly.
Red = Avoid  Black = OK  Green = Best
VegetablePortion SizeNet Carbs
per Portion
Net Carbs
per 100g
Artichoke1 medium7.56
Asparagus spearsfive spears1.52
Aubergine1 medium22.5
Avocadohalf a fruit22
Baked Potato1 baked potato5417
Beetroot1 medium beetroot5.57
Broccoli3 florets44
Brussel Sprouts5 sprouts55
Butternut squash4 tablespoons1010
Cabbage4 large spoonfuls22
Carrot1 medium56.5
Cauliflower1 quarter of a head21.8
Celery1 medium stalk0.51.5
Chilli pepper (small red)1 birds eye size0.16
Courgette (Zucchini)1 small2.52
Cucumberhalf of cucumber23.6
Fennel1 cooked bulb52.5
Garlic1 clove131
Gherkins3 pickles721
Green Beans12 beans2.54
Kale (cooked)1 serving44
Leek1 medium leek10.512
Lettuce (Cos)quarter of whole lettuce1.51
Lettuce (Round)quarter of whole lettuce1.51.6
Marrow100 grams1.51.5
Mushrooms (button)10 mushrooms23.3
Mushrooms (large)1 mushroom0.62.3
Mushrooms (medium)6 mushrooms2.43.3
Okra8 pods44
Olives10 olives22.8
Onion1 medium77
Parsnip1 large2112.5
Peas4 tablespoons49
Peas (Sugar Snap)10 pea pods1.75
Pepper (Green)ten strips0.52.6
Pepper (Red)ten strips14.5
Potato1 medium2814
Potato (mashed)3 tablespoons1212
Potato (roast)1 potato2418
Potato chips in UK / french fries1 serving4841
Pumpkin5 tablespoons65.5
Quorn Mince1 cup34.5Always check the carbs on package - some may have carbs added elsewhere
Quorn Sausagesper sausage2.74.5vegetarian sausages
Radish5 medium0.52
Samphire100g serving1.61.6
Shallot (echalion)1 small shallot4.613.8
Spinach (cooked)4 tablespoons22
Spinach (raw)big handful11.1
Spring Greensany amount00
Spring Onions1 medium0.64
Swedequarter whole swede55.6
Sweet Corn1 medium ear1717
Sweet Potato1 small1018
Tomato fresh1 medium whole (2"-3")3.31.7
Tomatoes (tinned)1 can63
Turnip1 small turnip2.84.2
Watercress10 sprigs0.31.3
Potatoes are the number one thing to avoid here.
Check the carbs on the others and you'll soon learn which are best.

If you want to lose weight, then you must not exceed 35 Net Carbs per day.
See also How to work out Net Carbs of a packaged food item.

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