Don't eat more than 35 Net Carbs PER DAY and you will lose weight!
Below we give you the net carb count for common foods. Add up the net carbs you eat each day.

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If you exceed the portion size given, multiply the net carbs accordingly.
Red = Avoid  Black = OK  Green = Best
FruitPortion SizeNet Carbs
per Portion
Net Carbs
per 100g
Apple1 medium2012
Apricot, fresh1 fruit3.29
Apricot,dried5 dried fruits2055
Avocadohalf a fruit22
Banana1 fruit2421
Blackberries15 fruits35
Blueberries15 berries311.6
Cantaloupe melon1 wedge (1/8 fruit)57
Cherries10 fruits1010
Coconut (dried)1 oz28
Coconut (fresh flesh)2 inch square piece36
Coconut milk (unsweetened)4 tablespoons24
Cranberries (dried)4 tablespoons3176
Cranberries, raw4 tablespoons48
Fig, fresh1 medium8.516
Grapes20 grapes816
Honeydew melon1 wedge (1/8 fruit)108
Kiwi fruit1 fruit812
Mango1/2 fruit2213
Nectarine1 medium128.5
Orange1 medium1212
Papaya1 small fruit159
Pear1 medium2112
Pineapple1 thick slice911
Plum1 fruit710
Raspberries10 large raspberries36can vary in size, so weigh if in doubt
Rhubarbunsweetened stalk1.32.5
Strawberries5 medium36great with cream
Tangerine1 medium1111
Watermelon1 wedge (1/16 fruit)218
You can see that some berries are allowed.
Avoid dried fruits like the plague - they are full of carbs.

If you want to lose weight, then you must not exceed 35 Net Carbs per day.
See also How to work out Net Carbs of a packaged food item.

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