Don't eat more than 35 Net Carbs PER DAY and you will lose weight!
Below we give you the net carb count for common foods. Add up the net carbs you eat each day.

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If you exceed the portion size given, multiply the net carbs accordingly.
Red = Avoid  Black = OK  Green = Best
NamePortion SizeNet Carbs
per Portion
Net Carbs
per 100g
Almond Nut Butter2 tablespoons00
Capers1 tablespoon0.11.7
Chocolate Spread2 tablespoons2155
Cocoa powder1 tablespoon125
Garlic1 clove131
Gherkins3 pickles721
Herbs and Spicesseason to taste0.11
Honey1 tablespoon1782
Jam1 tablespoon1368
Maple syrup1 tablespoon1368
Marmalade1 tablespoon1366
Mayonnaise2 tablespoons0.20.6
Mayonnaise (light)2 tablespoons39avoid low fat version
Mustard1 teaspoon0.14
Olive Oilany amount00
Olives10 large22.8
Peanut butter2 tablespoons414
Peanut Butter (no added sugar)2 tablespoons39.2check label . Figures are for 'whole earth' brand
Pickled Onions415
Sesame Oilany amount00
Spenda sweetener1 teaspoon0.597
Sugar1 tablespoon20100
Tomato ketchup2 tablespoons526
Vinegarany amount00
Vinegar (balsamic)2 tablespoons517
Vinegar (cider)2 tablespoons0.20.9
Worcestershire Sauce1 tablespoon3.319

If you want to lose weight, then you must not exceed 35 Net Carbs per day.
See also How to work out Net Carbs of a packaged food item.

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