Don't eat more than 35 Net Carbs PER DAY and you will lose weight!
Below we give you the net carb count for common foods. Add up the net carbs you eat each day.

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If you exceed the portion size given, multiply the net carbs accordingly.
Red = Avoid  Black = OK  Green = Best
NamePortion SizeNet Carbs
per Portion
Net Carbs
per 100g
Bagel1 bagel4849
Biscuits2 medium1468
Bread (Hi-Lo brand low carb)1 slice1.65.4from Sainsbury UK
Bread (multigrain)1 slice1343
Bread (rye)1 slice1248
Bread (white)1 slice1549
Bulgar Wheat25g1260
Cookies2 medium1468
Corn Flour / Cornmeal1 tablespoon670
Cornflakes1 bowl2880
Croissant1 croissant3046
Doughnut1 medium2250
Flax Seed1 tablespoon0.12
Flour (almond)1 tablespoon0.58can be used to thicken sauces
Flour (white)1 tablespoon674
Flour (whole wheat)1 tablespoon673
French Bread1 slice1856
Garlic Bread1 slice2542
Pearl Barley25g1980
Pita Bread1 medium2556
Pitta Bread1 large3254
Porridge oats1 bowl2050
Rice (brown)small bowl2323
Rice (white)small bowl2828cauliflower rice is good alternative
Rice (wild)small bowl2121
Rice Krispies1 bowl2987
Tortilla1 tortilla2550
Weetabix2 biscuits2259
All breakfast cereals are out as are breads and rolls. Have bacon and eggs for breakfast instead.

If you want to lose weight, then you must not exceed 35 Net Carbs per day.
See also How to work out Net Carbs of a packaged food item.

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